My Art

I am born in 1965, outside Stockholm. The colours are that which inspires and moves me the deepest when I paint. It is the colours that drives me, mostly into abstraction, this beautifully allowing space where there is room for everything and where everything can be expressed and investigated freely from within. I mostly work with oil on canvas. I did one year of artschool in Sweden. After this so much came in my way I decided to start working on my own. During the last ten years I have been living and had a studio in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and India. The extraordinary people I have met and the places I have seen inspires me deeply.


1994 Artschool Basis, Stockholm.
1995–1998, Exhibitions and sales in a number of restaurants, shops and cafees in Stockholm and London. For example; Soda, Matvarufabriken, Wexter, La Cucina, Bar room bar.
1995, Gallery Hades, Stockholm.
1998, Creativa kilometer, Stockholm Waterfestival.
1998–2000 Ongoing exhibition and sales at London W8, Interior Decoration, Stockholm.
1998-2003 Ongoing exhibition and sales at House. AB, Interior Decoration, Stockholm.
2004 Museo de Bellas Artes, Lujan, Argentina. Groupexhibition. Dialogues and talks to artstudents and schools.
2004, Culturehouse, General Rodriguez, Argentina. Exhibition and discussion.
2004, Gallery Drakens silversmedja, Stockholm.
2004, Stockholm Yogafestival.
2005 Art in the green, culturefestival, Stockholm.
2006 Art in the green, culturefestival, Stockholm.
2006 Bespoke, Feng shui interior design, Stockholm.
2006 Cazami, exhibition inside a shop, Stockholm.
2007 Medilab, Stockholm.
2007 Art in the green, culturefestival, Stockholm.
2007 Aires de Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain.
2007 Babajan restaurant,
Etnografic museum, Stockholm.
2008 Inuti, yogashala, Stockholm.
2008 Matteus church, groupexhibition, Stockholm.
2008 Gallery Rica, Stockholm.
2009 Risby Gallery, Groupexhibition, Norrtälje.
2009 Gallery Fjäderholmarna,
Fjäderholmarna, Stockholm.

2003, Painting a Tibetan Buddhist temple, India.
Also living and studying a little Thankapainting with Tibetan monks.
2005, Volontary work after the Tsunami, painted with children in Sri Lanka.
2008 The book "in gratitude" was finished.